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Litigation Support

Companies are seeing their litigation costs skyrocket as the volume of information that they and their outside counsel need to review continues to increase by double-digit percentages year over year.

I work with CEOs, General Counsel, CFOs, CTOs, and litigation attorneys to analyze their ediscovery workflow, identify opportunities and improve processes to reduce cost.

I have been on the leading edge of the litigation technology curve since the beginning of my career. I bring over 21 years of knowledge, experience and expertise to help companies looking to get control over the runaway ediscovery spend.

I have presented my  CLE presentation “Using Technology From Collection Through Review” to corporate legal departments, law firms, and attorney and paralegal associations throughout the United States. The CLE is accredited by the State Bar Associations in California, Colorado, Illinois, Oklahoma, Texas, Virginia, and Washington state.

My article “Old Solutions Die Hard” was published in the January 26, 2004 edition of the New Jersey Law Journal.

I started my career in the litigation support industry in 1993 as a document coder.  Imaging and coding were "bleeding edge" technologies at the time.  Over the past 20 years, I have been blessed to work with some of the finest minds in our industry.  When I look back to those early days and compare the tools that we had (DOS 5 and screaming 286/20 computers) to the power of applications that are in the marketplace today, I am continually amazed.

In light of today's economy, I consider myself to be blessed to working in an industry where success is still determined by how hard one works and how well one treats the client.  From my early days in production to my current business development role as Regional Vice President and Senior E-Discovery Consultant for Inventus, www.inventus.com   I have always believed that if you deliver what you promised... on time and on budget... you are only half way there.  The other half of the job is to learn as much about the industry as you can (most importantly the services and software that you're NOT using) so that when a client has a question, you can give them the right answer... even if if means sending them directly to your competition from time to time.
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